Crayon Pencil Case Crochet Pattern

Crayon Pencil Case Crochet Pattern

Crayon Pencil Case Crochet Pattern, Part of the August Blog Hop!

crayon pencil case crochet pattern

When E’Claire Makery sent out a message asking for some nifty Back-to-School themed patterns, we couldn’t resist and set out to design the Crayon Pencil Case crochet pattern!

I was literally just sitting on my couch thinking, “what would be a good back-to-school item?”  Then the design just poured out of me.  I messaged Helen and said, “Here!  I have a rough draft of a pattern for you for the blog hop!!”

Poor Helen…. She had to decipher my notes rather than using an actual pattern!

About the Pattern:

I knew that anything crocheted might have some holes in it so I designed this to be lined and have a zipper installed as well.  You can use craft felt or any fabric you have on hand.  I also recommend hand sewing rather than trying to push all that through your sewing machine however, I have put my little Brother sewing machine through the test and I did break one needle but the machine still works!

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Let’s get rolling on this pattern!

Get the PDF version here




SC –single crochet


Sk – skip

BLO – Back loop only

SS – slip stitch

Sc2tog – single crochet 2 stitches together


*to*–Repeat the instructions written between the two *

FO – fasten off

Pattern Notes:

Chain 1 at the beginning does not count as a stitch.


Row 1–Make 2.  In color A: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each across

Rows 2-5–ch1, turn, repeat row 1

Rows 6-9–In color B: ch1, turn, sc in each st across (21)

Rows 10-11–In color C: ch1, turn, sc in each st across (21)

Rows 12-13–In color B: ch1, turn, sc in each stitch across (21)

Rows 14-15–In color C: ch1, turn, sc in each st across (21)

Rows 16-25–In color B: ch1, turn sc in each st across (21)

Rows 26-27–In color C: ch1, turn, sc in each st across (21)

Rows 28-29–In color B: ch1, turn, sc in each st across (21)

Rows 30-31–In color C: ch1, turn, sc in each st across (21)

Rows 32-34–In color B: ch1, turn, sc in each st across (21)

You will work in Color A from here:

Row 35–In color A: ch1, turn, sc in each st across (21)

Row 36–ch1, turn, sc BLO in each st across (21)

Row 37–ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc across until last 2 sts, sc2tog

Rows 38-47–repeat row 37 until only 3 sts remain

FO and weave in ends.

In Color C:

Sc in each stitch around the edges of your crayon sides, ensuring to put 2sc in each corner to keep the shape.

Place your two sides wrong sides together and either sc around or sew edges together, leaving a gap for your zipper along the top of one of the long sides.


To finish your pencil case, you will likely want to line it and add the zipper.  Helen used fabric, I used craft felt.  To use either, you can cut a piece of your chosen lining to fit the inside of your case by turning your case inside out to get an easier measurement.

Once you have your measurement, cut your chosen liner and hand-sew it (or machine sew if you’re brave enough to put your machine through that!) to the bag.  I’d keep it about 1/4th of an inch from the top of the edges.

Explaining how to add the zipper is wordy, so here’s a link to lining and zippers for crochet:

All Done!

I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as we and our testers did!  I personally loved how it came out and would use this for more than a pencil case.  Hook case, make up bag, just about anything!


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