The perfect colder weather stitch! Floret – Stitch of the Week

The perfect colder weather stitch! Floret – Stitch of the Week

In our Stitch of the Week this week we have the perfect stitch for the colder weather setting in – the floret stitch.

Do you recognise the stitch?

We have used this stitch in a few of our designs so far (for example, the highland wrap and the men’s highland scarf). Its a warm cosy stitch with an easy two row repeat. The texture is created by using the varying heights of the double crochet and the slip stitch. If you have never tried this stitch before I would highly recommend adding it to your crochet arsenal!

For those of you new to our Stitch of the Week:

The cute free pattern that we have to go with the floret stitch Stitch of the Week is our Highland Ear Warmer. Ear warmers are great practical gifts and super stash busters! Just working a swatch to learn a new stitch can get boring. Lets face it, we want immediate gratification when we crochet, even if we are learning. You get so much more confidence and a sense of achievement when you actually create something usable – even if its just a dishcloth!

That is why we try to link each stitch of the week with a little free project. At this time of year the ear warmer is a great idea – its practical and is a great stocking filler for a loved one, or even fabulous to add to your donation box! My sister is a runner and so hats are most often not added to her running outfits – even in the cold you sweat. Ear warmers she loves! The ears are protected from our North Sea winds but its not overly warm because the top of the head is still exposed.

Let’s get started!



You can find the free ear warmer pattern in the usual places:

We also have an etsy shop, but they don’t allow free patterns so we tend not to add our stitch of the weeks there 🙂

Follow our YouTube video for this project here.


What you will need:

  • less than 60 yards of #5 worsted weight (chunky) yarn
  • 5mm hook
  • stitch markers (optional)
  • scissors
  • Tapestry needle

I made mine 4” tall and 18” circumference to fit a woman – direction is given on how to amend the size in the pattern.

You will need to know how to chain, turn, double crochet and slip stitch. And that is pretty much it!

Written instructions for the floret stitch:

The floret stitch is worked over a simple two row repeat.

Row 1 – ch3, dc in each stitch across

Row 2 – ch1, sk1, *dc in the next st, ss in the next st* around.

It really is that simple! You will need to turn your work at the beginning of each floret stitch row otherwise the texture will be on the inside of your ear warmer! The pattern tells you exactly when to do this.

And VOILA! A really lovely stitch and ear warmer for you to gift this festive season, or just keep for yourself! You can embellish it any way you like – nip the ear warmer in half between the top and bottom and sew, add buttons or crochet flowers to it for that extra pizazz.

How will you embellish yours? Do share your projects with us on our Facebook group page!